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Frequently Asked Question 

. If there’s anything you have on your mind that is not listed here, or is not detailed enough, please feel free to get in touch 

Q: What’s your wedding photography style?

That’s a tough question.Well We love moments, real moments. We combine personal moments with creative portraits that keep you engaged and moving, and we make sure that you get coverage of your wedding that is not only beautiful, but also authentic. Some of the popular “styles” associated with wedding photography are candid, documentary, photojournalistic, art wedding photography and other fancy words like these. What we do is a mixture of all of these styles – and depends on the moment and what we’re aiming to achieve. We typically shadow the couple as closely as possible while being hypersensitive to behind-the-scenes moments and emotions that occur spontaneously. These make the best wedding memories. This is largely photojournalistic to an extent – but we also like making gorgeous looking wedding photos for which we may direct and set the scene to an extent. We believe that a successful wedding assignment needs a mixture of all of this, and a responsible photographer should be adaptable enough to deliver a mix of genres

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